RJP Technology UK Distributer for Solar Cam

Why SolarCam?

This unique instant-deployment security system allows an immediate response to new and fast-moving threats to property, public safety and worker protection without the need for mains power or a broadband connection.

Installed in minutes, it has applications for a host of client groups including Utilities, Local Authorities, Construction and Civil Engineering, Railway and Road operators, Police Service – we keep discovering new uses all the time.  

Solar Cam can be integrated into existing control rooms or monitored as a standalone on a laptop or soon to be added  iPhone, Blackberry and Android App. 
Solar Cam can be used to help prevention and reduction of crime and removal of anti social behavior and the costs associated by Fly tipping.
Solar cam can also be used for traffic surveillance and congestion monitoring, temporary road work schemes, events and major incident support.
Facility managers are looking for ways to add additional cameras to sites without the need to install communications cables or power.
Construction sites further challenge the normal CCTV system with the absence of required power sources and communication lines, often the surveillance project is only of a temporary kind and a portable CCTV system is of advantage.

Typical situations where Solar cam can be deployed: 
No Broadband available on site
No mains power available 24/7

Solar Cam solution 
No landline or broadband connection is required
3G Wireless broadband will initialise at the push of a button
Power can be supplied via the solar panels and battery systems.


Solar Cam is already being successfully used nationwide by housing associations effectively tackling anti social behaviour, nuisance neighbours, drug dealing , hate inspired crime, vandalism, fly tipping and to enforce tenant protection.