About Us

RJP Technology is an IT solutions and Services company. Across the team we have over 20 years experience within the IT industry. In the addition to the supply of IT software and hardware we also provide additional services to meet your needs which include server implementations, storage consolidation and network infrastructure solutions along with professional services.

Some organisations see your business issues as challenges; we at RJP Technology see your business issues as opportunities to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions.

RJP Technology are a dynamic organisation that specialise in aligning technology to business need through an experienced team of consultants with strong business and commercial acumen. 

RJP Technology offer a growing number of solutions from the desktop to the datacentre to ensure your business remains agile, competitive and available.  Our solutions are typically aligned to the following specialisations:

Business Continuity:
Ensuring your business continues to operate in the event of a failure at the primary site, business continuity does not need to be expensive but it does need to be effective, contact us to see how RJP Technology can assist you in achieving business continuity.

RJP Technology through our strong partnerships can assist you in safeguarding your company’s intellectual property from both internal and external threats; can you afford the negative publicity of a data breech?  Providing flexible working environments increases potential security threats from the endpoint to the enterprise.

Systems and Infrastructure Management:
Providing effective systems management is a technology that can assist you on the journey from a standard to a dynamic infrastructure model.  The benefits that systems management can deliver to your business are enormous from dynamic service provisioning to maintain service uptime and SLA’s.

Flexible/Mobile Working:
The days of a 9-5 working day are history; through holistic ICT services there is the ability to deliver a much richer client experience through providing flexible/mobile working to your end users allowing them to act upon information when needed.  The practice of home working ensures work force satisfaction and ultimately will provide your business with a competitive edge.

Enterprise Search & Data Management:
Data is growing at an exponential rate, finding that data can take up to 30% of a employees working time, even the best directory file system needs to be navigated.  Employees are used to searching for information on the internet, isn’t it about time that you delivered the same search environment on your internal data islands?

Storage and Replication solutions:
Data has a nasty habit of being stored in multiple locations typically on users computers and direct disk on servers, by consolidating this down into a central storage network you can ensure integrity of data, backup consistency and safeguard your companies IP.

Virtualisation (desktop, storage and server):
Quite possibly the hottest topic of our times, but why stop at server virtualisation, the reality is that desktop and storage virtualisation can deliver similar if not great cost savings than that of server consolidation.  A well structured virtualisation vision should encompass the ultimate vision for IT and not just be server consolidation.

Corporate Networks:
RJP Technology can assist you in delivering the right network infrastructure to support your business computing needs.  Be that fibre, iSCSI or IP and converged communications we have the knowledge, experience and partnerships to deliver a joined up network for your business.

All RJP Technology solutions are unique to your requirements, the only common element in all our solutions is the passion we place in delivering a system that is agile, scalable and reduces operational costs.
With our creativity and passion to deliver unrivalled solutions we can ensure that every part of your solution will benefit your business moving forward.